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English tasks for April

EASTER Ex. 12 1.Did you enjoy the film last night? No, I didn’t. It was a horror film. 2. Did you go to work yesterday? No, I didn’t. I never work on Saturdays. 3. Did you see Charles yesterday? Yes. We had lunch together. 4. Does Colin work at a bank? No, he doesn’t. HeПродолжить чтение «English tasks for April»

Buying new shoes

Shop assistant: Hi there. Do you need any help? Davit:Hi. I need a pair of football boots. I really like these ones. How much are they? Shop assistant:They are 50000 AMD. Davit:Ok. Do you have them in 36? Shop assistant: I’ll have a look for you. Davit: Thanks. Shop assistant: What colour would you like?Продолжить чтение «Buying new shoes»

English tasks for February

The magic paintbrush Ex. 8 Dad didn’t buy a new car last week. Mum always cooks chicken on Mondays. Do you like chips? Mary left for Italy last month. Do you brush your teeth every night? The boys didn’t play play football last Sunday. Did Emily come to the party? I didn’t watch TV lastПродолжить чтение «English tasks for February»

English tasks for December

Ex. 1 I will go to Spain one day. I won’t go to Spain one day. Will I go to Spain one day? She will come to the party. She won’t come to the party. Will she come to the party? We’ll be late. We won’t be late. Will we be late? It’ll snow. ItПродолжить чтение «English tasks for December»

English 18.11

Ex.3 We went to the cinema yesterday. We didn’t go to the cinema yesterday. John read a comic yesterday afternoon. John didn’t read a comic yesterday afternoon. My friends came to my house last weekend. My friends didn’t come to my house last weekend. You bought a new CD yesterday. You didn’t buy a newПродолжить чтение «English 18.11»

English 9.11

Ex 8, page 98 Elena cleaned the house and watered the flowers yesterday. She didn’t watch TV or listen to the radio. Youssef watched TV and listened to the radio yesterday. He didn’t clean the house or water the flowers. Mr and Mrs Hill cleaned the house and watched TV yesterday. They didn’t water theПродолжить чтение «English 9.11»